Online | End of July

Our favorite annual pitch competition has returned! This year, we will still hold the competition online, wherever you are, you could showcase your business in front of potential customers, business partners or investors and shape your business ideas with our professional judges, also you will have the chance to win up to $20000  AUD cash prize! Easily get connected to the network in Australia and abroad, through Eureka global operations.

Through the IIEC of last year, the winning projects, like “Intestinal microcirculation fingerprint evaluation platform for healthcare” and “Unbleached paper green manufacturing using corn straw” successfully obtained funds and formed their Joint Venture to further develop their business.

We all know emerging markets provide greater potential, Eureka IIEC partners with China-Jinan International High-Level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to offer our participants more opportunities for business growth in the emerging markets. The shortlisted teams of Eureka IIEC 2021 will be invited to enter the Jinan international competition with teams from USA, Europe and Asia to compete for additional prize (up to $10,000) and gain access to business networks, partnerships and funding support. The winner of the competition will be able to access designated government funds (up to $1 million, conditions apply) and business facilitation services. 

Focused Areas

Information Technology


Digital Technology

AI Technology, VR Technology, Data Mining, Blockchain, IoT, Smart City, 5G technology and related




Innovative Materials, Clean Energy, Industry 4.0 System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and related





Biomedical Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Precision Health,  Nutraceutical, Aged Care and related





Functional Food, Novel food processing technology, Digital agriculture, Agricultural processing technology, Sustainable Farming, Biomass and related

competition Timeline

3rd of May

3rd of June

12th of July

14th & 19th of July

End of July

1 week after the finals


Application open

Application close

Release of finalists

Information session

2 same session for different time availability

The finals

Results announcement

Jinan international competition


First Prize

Eureka Award for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

1 position,

AUD $20,000 


Second Prize 

Eureka Award for Acceleration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

4 positions,

AUD $2,000 


Third Prize

Eureka Award for Growth in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

6 positions,

AUD $500

How to apply?

You could choose any one of the two methods to apply 2021 Eureka IIEC

Apply Now!

Apply online

Directly apply 2021 Eureka IIEC on our online application page

Email to apply

  • Download and fill in the "Application Form"and"Business Plan" 

  • Name the file as follows: Name of Team Leader_Shortened Project Title_AF/BP


If you have any questions about our competition, please feel free to contact our seasoned Project Managers.


Dr. Lisa Lu


Mr. James Liu